Broxtowe Youth Homelessness Secures Future with National Lottery Grant

April 2021

Broxtowe Youth Homelessness was left fearing for its future during the pandemic but we are celebrating a major funding boost from the National Lottery.

We were hit hard by Covid 19 after many of it sources of funding were put on hold to concentrate their efforts on the response to Covid-19.

But a £460,000 grant from the Lottery’s Community Fund means they can now continue their good work for at least another four years.

Jessica Brannan, Manager, said: “Our core funding expired in January 2020 and we were part way through applying for various funds when the pandemic hit and many of these were put on hold.”

“It was a really worrying time for the charity and the young people we support, our future was unclear. We were lucky to receive some extension funding from the Lottery and other Covid grants to see us through the pandemic, but we were still concerned what the service would look like after the pandemic.”

“Receiving this new funding will enable us to reopen our doors, in line with Covid restrictions, and build on the fantastic services we offer.”

We have been running for more than 35 years, helping young people with everything from emergency food parcels to education and training, and regularly running sessions in local schools to help educate pupils about homelessness. We will continue to existing services but plans for the coming year include the launch of a new mediation service, in conjunction with the Citizens Advice Bureau, which will help young people resolve disputes with people like their family, housemates or landlords in order to prevent a situation where they might find themselves homeless.

We will also be running training for looked-after young people in the care of Nottinghamshire County Council to help them break into the world of work. The first course starting in April and will teach skills needed in the workplace as well as help match young people with suitable work placements.

Jessica said: “The work we do is more important than ever now. The pandemic has had such a huge impact on many young people and intensified many of the challenges they face, whether that be family breakdown, financial problems or social isolation.”

“This funding will enable us to carry on offering our services at this crucial time, and what was looking like a very uncertain future is now looking much brighter. We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support and we look forward to doing what we do best and supporting as many young people as we possibly can.”