Rotary Club of Beeston

September 2017

Jess (Project Manager) met Bruce Liddle from the Rotary Club of Beeston at a network meeting earlier this year. Bruce explained that The Rotary Club were always interested in finding out more about local charities and the work they do in the area and invited BYH to talk at one of their meetings.

In March 2017 Jess and Abi went to talk at one of their meetings. The evening was a great success, wonderful food in a lovely venue but more importantly a group of people who were genuinely interested in the cause and what BYH are trying to achieve. They listened contently while Jess explained the services provided by BYH and then when Abi share her personal experience. This was followed by many questions from the group about the issues that affect young homeless people and more importantly what they can do to help.

This month the Rotary Club of Beeston contacted us again to thank us for the talk but also to make a much appreciated monetary donation towards the work of BYH.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support.