Leaving Home

This is my blog about moving into my own property and the reality surrounding it.

Waiting for my keys was so exciting, knowing that I have now got myself a nice one bedroom flat. Waiting around with my support worker talking about how different it’s going to be via hostel with a group of girls and lots of support to being on my own with hardly any support. Finally my time has arrived my housing office is here with my keys to let me in so I can have a browse and to see if I definitely want it.

As I walked in my face dropped I should have had sun glasses!!! Bright yellow walls with a blue picture rail around it, a purple bathroom and even a pink bedroom. The person who had lived here before had no fashion sense what so ever. My flat was bare literally nothing no bed, sofa, curtains, TV, carpets ETC except 2 light bulbs. It was clean but a very basic clean, luckily my housing office gave me £60 worth of Dulux vouchers to help me out with decorating which I was buzzing about because I didn’t have a lot of money on me at the time.

Next day my mum took me to Wilkos and brought me a few bits to help me out I.e. knife and fork set, plates and bowls etc., mop and bucket, sweeping brush, cleaning products and a few other bits. Me and my nan went to my flat after and literally cleaned it up from top to bottom, all I had in there was 2 chairs to sit on too, I chucked all of my stuff what I had in the hostel into my bedroom till I got my furniture sorted, luckily at this point jobcentre had gave me a community care grant (which you don’t get anymore!!!) now that community care grant helped me out with buying myself a bed, wardrobe, chest of draws, curtains, wallpaper, coffee table, TV, few accessories and plenty of other things.. good thing is Broxtowe Youth Homelessness had provided me with a home starter pack (a basic box) which provided me with an iron, kettle, toaster, washing up liquid, washing powder, cream cleaner, j cloths, dusters, tea towels, dustpan & brush, 2 dinner plates, 2 cereal bowels, 2 mugs, 2knives, forks, spoons & teaspoons, baking tray, frying pan, chopping board, sauce pan, tin opener, potato peeler, wooden spoon, cheese grater, scorer, washing up bowl, light bulbs, toilet rolls, medium towel, hand towel, toilet brush, colander and rubber gloves which I really appreciated because it really did help me out on stuff I needed most. This only cater for people who are in connection with Broxtowe and are the ages of 16-25 none above!

My other Nan and Granddad took me to the second hand shop based in Stapleford and got me my sofas, a cooker, a TV stand and a few other bits my dad brought me a fridge freezer, now if it wasn’t for my family and Broxtowe Youth Homelessness and obviously this community care grant I wouldn’t have anything except myself and my clothes and a few belongings..

Now for the reality, living on your own isn’t easy what so ever IT’S HARD!!! see it in my point of view, you have to be able to budget your money WISELY!!! Because you have to pay out on… Electric! Gas! Water! TV licence! Food! Utility stuff! Buss fair! Clothes! Phone top up! Fags (if you smoke)! I was a really naughty girl when I first moved in my property and I forgot to go to a meeting at A4E in town for jobcentre and got sanctioned for a whole 4MONTHS!! Now that broke me I was so emotional I didn’t know what to do and didn’t know how to live without no money what so ever. Broxtowe Youth Homelessness helped me out with a food parcel which had tea bags, coffee, milk, juice, rice pasta, soups tinned goods, biscuits, breakfast cereal etc. which is BASIC! As they was on a BUGDET too. I’ve managed to make a self-appointment to the citizen advice to tell them my situation what I am in, they had contacted all of my bills to let them know my circumstances and was really helpful towards me, they even help me with the food parcel at THE HOPE centre in Beeston where they gave me a basic food parcel. Luckily I had friends and family to support me while I was in a bad situation which I appreciate because I don’t know what I would have done without them at all.

Now the council DOES NOT!! Give properties to young people under the ages of 18, now the reason being is they do not think you can look after yourself never mind a property so if you’re thinking at the ages of 16 you’re going to be moving out into your own property…… well am sorry but you won’t be at all!! They will refer you to the social care to look at different things to support you. You will be going in a hostel, bed and breakfast (not the luxury kind of b&b) but that’s if you are classed as homeless. All am saying you’ve got it good now you stay where you are and learn from your parents, carers or guardians because it will help you out for the future, but if you’re in an unsafe situation you go speak to someone ASAP!!! Because there is help out there to get you out of that situation… please don’t suffer in silence tell someone!!

Couple of advice I’d give to you guys is:
• Start saving pocket money!
• Never miss appointments!!
• Learn from your parents!
• Don’t take your parents for granted!
• Don’t rush and move out, wait till you know you’re ready!!
• Learn to BUDGET your money wisely!!

Good luck!