BYH Film Premiere

September 2016 – On Thursday 1st September Broxtowe Youth Homelessness premiered their new film at Antenna Media Centre in Nottingham. The event was to celebrate the achievement of our volunteers and not only the work they did on the film but their commitment to BYH and preventing other young people from experiencing homelessness.
The premiere was well attended, including the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and the Sheriff of Nottingham. We also received well wished from Nottingham actress Vicky McClure!!!
Once people had settled in their seats with their popcorn the event was opened by Project Manager, Jessica Brannan. The Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Jackie Morris then went on to give a touching speech about the subject of youth homelessness and the commitment of our volunteers, however (as always) it was our volunteers and their kindness that stole the show!!! They took the opportunity to public thank the staff team for the work they do and presented them with flowers, chocolates and a card, resulting in a very tearful but grateful staff team!
The film was a great success and staff, volunteers, friends, family and supporters went on to enjoy an evening of talking, laughing and eating (can’t forget the pizza).