Staff - Broxtowe Youth Homelessness


Staff - Broxtowe Youth Homelessness
Staff-Jessica - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I have been the Project Manager at Broxtowe Youth Homelessness since October 2013. Previously I worked in the Homelessness department at Broxtowe Borough Council, which is where I first heard about Broxtowe Youth Homelessness, before going to work for various other housing providers and charities. I am very proud to be part of Broxtowe Youth Homelessness and I am passionate about the work we do.


I have been the Finance Worker at BYH since June 2017. I have over 40 years experience of working in finance and benefits at local authorities and for a large multinational charity, where I was involved, amongst other things, with the management of homeless hostels across the East Midlands. I enjoy working with numbers and hope that my experience can help this great charity continue to grow and achieve.

Staff-Sharon - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I have worked at BYH for 8 years now and have seen the project grow and develop so much over this time. We all do a bit of everything, and my job is pretty varied, but my main area of work is around Peer Impact and other training. My favourite thing about working at BYH is meeting and training our volunteers – every one of them has a different story to tell, and every story has the power to inspire and help others.

Staff-Jane - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I’m Jane, I’ve been a Project Worker at BYH since 2014, prior to that I worked with looked after children & young people with challenging behaviours for 12 years.

Amongst other things my role involves me delivering training to new recruits to help them achieve a level 2 qualification in preparation for them going into schools to deliver our homeless prevention workshops.

I really enjoy my role here at BYH, we’re a small team with one thing in common….. making a difference! It has given me a great insight into the complex issues around homelessness and an understanding of how valuable the work we do is to the vulnerable groups that we work with.

I have met, and work with, some remarkable and inspirational young volunteers that have experienced homelessness themselves and without them BYH just wouldn’t be the success that it is.

Staff-Ria - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I have worked at BYH since 2012, I have a degree in social work and experience working in fostering, children and families, play work and mental health. My main role at BYH is to visit secondary schools to deliver our home street home sessions, I also recruit and train our volunteers and work closely with them once they have completed the peer impact qualification. The best thing about working for BYH is working with our volunteers and watching them achieve things that they never thought possible, their courage in turning negative experiences into something positive really motivates and they inspire me and prove how needed our organisation is.


I am the newest member to the team and the designated Drop-in worker. I thoroughly enjoy working with children, young people and families. Prior to my role at BYH I was a Child Protection Social Worker for 3 years and have work experience within schools, youth offending and working with homeless men with substance misuse.
I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to meet their potential and I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals.
As the drop-in worker I am dedicated to provide support and advice. This sometimes can mean focused work but on many occasions, general chats and a cup of tea is just as effective!
I have been made to feel very welcomed here at BYH as the latest recruit and I look forward to meeting the many faces that BYH help and support.


Staff - Broxtowe Youth Homelessness


Staff - Broxtowe Youth Homelessness


I have been with BYH for nearly 3 years and I’m a peer educator

Volunteer-Cameron - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I have been volunteering with byh since 2010 and wouldn’t change a thing. I have been into schools delivering the home street home project and also spoken at the AGM meetings. I moved out of Nottingham and haven’t since done many sessions but once I have passed my driving test I will be back in schools again.

Volunteer-Laura - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I have been at byh for around 2 months, now I’ve done the peer impact course I go into schools and share my homelessness experience with the students.

Volunteer-Kassey - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I joined BYH while at Elizabeth House but started taking part in Peer Impact while living at Villa Street. Since becoming a Peer Educator I have been into schools doing Home Street Home sessions but have had a brief break to have my son. I’m so grateful for what they have done for me and love that we can help other young people from going into situations blind. We have helped so many people and we cannot wait to help more.


At BYH I have done quite a bit from going into schools doing sessions to help young people. What I do at BYH is go into schools to share my experience of being homeless. Being able to change people’s views on homelessness and homeless people is amazing.

Volunteer-Jade - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I’m jade and I’m a peer educator here at BYH. I love preventing children in school from becoming homeless and advising them where to go if they know anyone or are homeless where to go for help and the people they can speak to. I have had a six month work post with BYH which I absolutely loved and wish it never ended! From volunteering my confidence has been boosted A LOT! I absolutely love volunteering for BYH

Staff-Lewis - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I’m Lewis, I have been a Peer Educator for four years. I enjoy being part of BYH because I’m passionate about our message, and preventing homelessness.

Volunteer-Hollie - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I completed my level 2 peer impact award with BYH which enabled me to go to schools and educate students about homelessness and how my personal experience; being homeless, effected my life. I love how BYH take something negative but use it in a positive way to make young people aware of the effects of homelessness and how it can happen to anyone – it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from. BYH also gave me the opportunity to meet other people my age who I could relate to, I’ve absolutely loved working with BYH, not only did I gain a qualification but I gained confidence and they made me aware that I wasn’t alone and helped me throughout difficult times, without them I would have struggled a lot.

Volunteer-Paige - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


BYH has helped me learn about homelessness and how you’re not alone also I learnt about stereo types and when u see people on the streets what do u think?? Normally they’re seen as alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals well I’ve been homeless and I’m not a criminal or drink alcohol or use drugs.
BYH showed me there are support groups and many schemes, I also now have a BYH family.

Volunteer-Ashley - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


I have been a volunteer with BYH for 5 years. Starting BYH was the best thing I ever did, it was fun, enjoyable and a real confidence boost. As well as volunteering I have also held the post of Peer Education Worker, which I really enjoyed and it helped me to get a job as a support worker.

BYH have been there through everything, they would do anything for anyone who needed their support and advice. BYH is not just a charity…… It’s family!


BYH and being part of their ‘Peer Impact Training’ really effected my life in such a positive way. I met people who came from similar backgrounds and some not so similar but made a couple of long life friends. The BYH team also helped me pursue my dream of going to university and I start in September.

Volunteer-Emma - Broxtowe Youth Homlessness


By being part of BYH you gain confidence and believe in yourself and other people again. It’s a huge part in becoming employable again and realising your own self worth after hitting rock bottom.